Business Meetings


Though it is a professional business meet, conference or retreat, Vedi Farm provides you with the best of meeting and conference halls. A small meeting? No tension. A small yet comfortable meeting room on rent only at Vedi Farm. Your very own village oasis in the heart of Solashi, Vedifarm Resort combines all the services and qualities necessary for a successful gathering. Our setting is beautiful beyond words, the ambiance pitch perfect and comfortable despite its elegance.

The community-feel and village structure encourages interaction, drawing people into a rhythm of togetherness and creating greater openness. Meanwhile, our world-class service of meeting and conference halls ensures that your every need is anticipated, from our professional staff to luxurious amenities and the technologies that make your lives easier. Best of all, our staff is committed to your comfort, whether that means accommodating special dietary needs or arranging a last minute tour of a favorite site. All itineraries are designed specifically to the requests of your group, both attendees and spouses.